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Alaska Ayakulik Adventures

About Ayakulik Inc.

"Chami" means hello in the Alutiiq language.

Alaska Ayakulik Adventures is a project of Ayakulik Incorporated.  Ayakulik Inc. is an Alaskan Native Village Corporation that is based out of Kodiak city and the native village of Akhiok.  The corporation's shareholders, directors, and officers are the proud descendants of the original inhabitants of the Ayakulik river area.

Under the ANCSA Act, Alaskan Natives were entitled to have aboriginal rights to the lands of their ancestors.  The corporation's land consists of a section, one square mile, located at the mouth of the Ayakulik River.  The river was (and still is), one of the most important cradles of the Alutiiq population and culture.  At the time of Russian contact there was one site along the Ayakulik river that contained over 130 Barabara's or partially subterranean sod homes.  In another site there was an enormous ceremonial building foundation, big enough for perhaps one hundred people to gather, under a roof that may have reached over 50 feet high.  It is estimated that the area may have supported a village of approximately 15,000 natives who lived all along the banks of this fertile river.  In 1939 most of the natives of the area moved, 15 miles east to the village of Akhiok, but have continued to use the area to fish, hunt, and gather native foods.

We would like to invite you to come and experience our native heritage, at the Alaska Ayakulik Adventures camp on the Ayakulik River, and to enjoy its splendor and unparalleled beauty.

Contact Information:

Ayakulik, Inc.
PO Box 140641
Anchorage, AK  99514
(907) 279-7911

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