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Alaska Ayakulik Adventures

A Project of

Ayakulik, Inc.

Welcome to Kodiak, the Emerald Isle of Alaska.  We invite you to come hike, bird watch and fish alongside the famous Kodiak Brown bears on the secluded banks of the Ayakulik (eye-a-koo-lick) River.  The Ayakulik (also known as the Red River) is approximately 30 miles long and is located on the southwest end of Kodiak Island.  The Ayakulik River supports native stocks of steelhead trout, all five species of North American Pacific Salmon, and is comparable to the famous Karluk River.  We live and breathe Wild Outdoor Adventures, and can show you the Alaskan Experience of your lifetime.  If that interests you, read on for MORE INFORMATION!

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King (Chinook) Salmon                              Red (Sockeye) Salmon                                    Silver (Coho) Salmon

Pink (Humpy) Salmon                                                  Steelhead Trout

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Ayakulik, Inc.
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(907) 279-7911

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